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GOP state’s attorney candidate appeals removal from ballot in Will County

Happy Friday All! Munoz In the news! Lets help spread the word join our team for change here in Will County!! #standwithrick @standupwithrick

Plainfield Republican Rick Munoz is heading to court in a fight to get his name on the November ballot for Will County state’s attorney.

A three-member panel, consisting of all Democrats, ruled Tuesday that Munoz was not eligible to be placed on the ballot as a Republican candidate because he had voted as a Democrat in the March primary.

Munoz appealed the ruling to the Will County 12th Judicial District. At a hearing Thursday, Munoz’s appeal was continued until July 10 after the original judge assigned the case recused himself.

“I don’t think it was correct, but it also was not surprising,” Munoz said, noting the board consisted of all Democrats.

Read More Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

By Alicia Fabbre Daily Southtown | Jul 02, 2020 at 7:23 PM

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